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Paul Sebastian Melero Monagas

Web Developer | Agricultural Engineer
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Professional Summary

  • - Web Developer experience with 6+ years working for others. 4-5 years of IT experience as freelance developer.
  • - More than 2 years of experience with all three major Javascript Fremeworks: Angular, Vue and React.
  • - Excited about PWAs and the JAMstack
  • - Web Passionate with extensive expertise in CSS, HTML, Vanila JS, DOM manipulation and Web/Browser APIs.
  • - Seasoned in SASS (SCSS) pre-processor and others such as Stylus and Less (in that order). Also, PostCSS (post-processing) plugins experience.
  • - Expert in Cross Browser Compatibility and Multi-device testing.
  • - Experienced in Responsive Web Design. Dominating all the technics for building both responsive and adaptative layout designs.
  • - Pasionate about Web Performance Optimization. WPO budget making, applying technics in browser and the server. WPO tools such as WPT, DevTools profiler and Lighthouse.
  • - Well versed in CSS and JS performant animations, Animation API and JS libs for complex animations: GreenSock Tween libraries, popmotion; and SVG animations.
  • - Progressive enhacement advocate. Production experience with SW.
  • - Expert in component based SPA PWAs with Angular, React and Vue
  • - Async programming expertise: Promises A+, Async/await, Fetch Api, Event Loop, Node IO, Web Sockets, Observer Pattern.
  • - Proven expertise in Chrome and Firefox Dev-Tools: Debugging, profiling and auditing. Console API Knowledge.
  • - Code Splitting experience in Vue.js and Angular using Webpack.
  • - Several Template Engines Skills: Twig, Jade, Haml, Mustache.
  • - Background in CMS development: Wordpress and Drupal. Focused in the view part of Synfony apps with Twig, Jquery and SCSS. Also headless CMS integrations with Contenful and Netlify-CMS.
  • - Flight experience with Webpack module bundler, and more recently with Rollup and Parcel.
  • - Integration with CI systems: Jenkins and static sites development with Netlify and Zeit’s Now.
  • - Experience in both OOP and FP in Javascript. FP developer wanabee.
  • - Instructed in ECMAScript 2015 (ES6) spec and prior. Also TypeScript, wich means eqivalence to ES9+ and type notation in JS.
  • - UNIX Bash and Windows PowerShell basic scripting user.
  • - Years of experience using GIT on CLI: with Gitlab, Bitbucket, TFS and Github platforms.
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Relevant Professional Experience

  • -
    Senior Front End Developer

    (LoveToKnow Media, BCN)

    • Remotely working in the Front End side of's generator PWA with people from different timezones (Offsets -6 and +4).
    • Mastered Nuxt.js and Vue.js, delivered re-usable components and modules for the application
    • Tested the Vue components with Jest and also included for e2e automated tests
    • Helped with cross-team code reviews across projects
    • Enjoyed developing accessible, usable, performant applications with my team mates.
  • -
    Web Developer && FE Community Leader

    (Erni, BCN)

    • Developed in a SCRUM based team a crafted solution for an Automotive company’s quality validation processes; setting up infrastructure, optimizing automation and creating front end and back end apps with hexagonal architecture.
    • Also, as a Front End Community Leader I’ve been advocating about ERNI and it’s relationship with Front End and I’ve organized a modest ammount of Meetup sessions.
    • On a daily basis: Javascript, Typescript, Angular 6.
    • Nuxtjs, Vue.js micro apps for the Tooling Team management but also for production PWA (with Service Worker custom implementation).
    • Learnt Python 2.7 and developed a REST API
    • Developed in NodeJS NPM scripts and a ExpressJS Server.
    • Also, used MongoDB documents collections approach for a small NoSQL DB implementation.
    • Gulp. Webpack as default task automation tools and bundler.
    • Inmersed in Reactive Programming, and more recently interested in Functional Programming, both thanks to RxJS initially and other libraries after that.
    • Been using TDD with Mocha, Jasmine and Chai but recently swithed to Jest.
  • -
    Senior Front-End Developer

    (Hiberus Travel, Zaragoza)

    • Responsible of the layout part of the development: SASS (SCSS) with Bootstrap Sass. Styling AngularJS components focusing on modularity implementing atomic design pattern.
    • Responsive web design and cross-browser compatibility implementation.
    • Interoperability/Integration with REST/HTTP libraries.
    • Helped with Gulp task manager development for different environments following the 12 Factor App methodology.
    • Used SVG and CSS for complex layout displays.
    • Developed Living StyleGuide to document the atomic design system we created for a large app.
    • Used GIT version control system (from CLI).
  • -
    Front-End Developer

    (The NodeHub, Zaragoza)

    • I used to be involved in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle including requirements gathering, Design, and Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the projects.
    • We developed highly custom-crafted webpages for different customers collaborating with a Design Studio to bring to life "pixel-perfect" layouts
    • Here, I mastered CSS because I was using it on a daily basis. And I started learning about Javascript because my superior, Fran, mentored me.
  • -
    Freelancer: Web, Illustration and Design

    Graphic Artist, Illustrator, Designer and Front-End Developer

    • I spent several years making websites, doing my best to make them fast, engaging and accessible.
    • I learnt how to communicate with clients before and during a commission
  • -
    Drawing Teacher

    (Camón Aznar School, Zaragoza)

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  • First Place at Zaragoza Startup Pirates

    Startup accelerators contest. (Zaragoza)

  • First Place at Graffiti Contest ‘El túnel de Oliver’

    Graffiti Contest. (Zaragoza)

  • First Place at Urban Art Fest ‘BamBamJam’

    Graffiti Festival. (Calatayud)

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  • -
    B. Agriculture Engineering

    La Almunia Polytechnic University School (EUPLA)

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Aditional Education

  • IT
    • Build an offline-first, data-driven PWA

      (Google Codelabs)

    • Browser Rendering Optimization


    • React: from zero to hero


    • JavaScript Promises


    • webpack: The Core Concepts


    • LololoLodash


    • PHP


    • Git-it


    • JavaScript Basics


    • Javascripting


    • Scope Chains and Closures


    • Flex-box CSS


    • Real Time Web with Node.js


    • Introduction to JavaScript


    • Make an Interactive WebSite


    • HTML & CSS


    • AutoCAD Course


    • R 101


    • HTML 101

      (PixarNet SL)

    • VisualBasic 101

      (PixarNet SL)

  • English
    • Advanced English Course


    • First Certificate - Level 9

      (La Salle Gran Vía)

  • Mathematics
    • Mathematical Methods for Quantitive Finance


  • AgriFood
    • Food Handling License


    • Ecological Horicultural Monitor Course


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Articles published

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  • 100%
  • 50%
  • 0
  • CSS 80% CSSHTML 70% HTMLJS 90% JSPython 60% Python
  • SCSS 80% SCSSStylus 50% StylusPostCSS 70% PostCSS
  • VueJS 80% VueJSNuxt.js 90% Nuxt.jsAngular 1.x 80% Angular 1.xAngular 2-7 70% Angular 2-7React 50% React
    Frameworks, libs
  • Gulp 70% GulpWebpack 60% WebpackParcel 60% Parcel
    Automation, Bundlers
  • Git 80% Git
  • Netlify CMS 60% Netlify CMS
  • Twig + Synfony 70% Twig + SynfonyLiquid + Jekyll 70% Liquid + JekyllMustache.js 70% Mustache.jsJade (Pug) 70% Jade (Pug)JSX 75% JSX
    Template engines
  • Docker 50% DockerJenkins 50% Jenkins
  • Photoshop 50% PhotoshopIllustrator 50% IllustratorIndesign 40% Indesign
    Adobe Suite
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  • - I focus on having good communication with my teammates, mentors, mentees and superiors.
  • - I consider myself as a doer; a fast learner, with an analytic and creative mindset.
  • - I feel motivated by the technical challenges of my work.
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